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Top Ten List: Adult Themed Animated Cartoon Series

Posted by Sam Machado on October 11, 2012 at 1:00 PM

This week compiles a list of the greatest adult cartoons on television. Whether these shows are hilarious, awesome, or just plain weird, they are all riots of entertainment. Live action shows can never get as bizarre as a cartoon series, and these shows truly know how to bring us into the bizarro world. Whether we're watching talking robots, angry babies, or kids screaming "You bastard!" every time Kenny dies, it can only be funny when it's animated.

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10. Metalocalypse

Dethklok is the biggest and baddest band since Aerosmith. Even if they are animated, they still bring down the house with their electrifying voice and hardcore sounds. The show, itself, is pretty big and bad too. Although the government is out to ruin them for good, the band still knows how to rock!

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9. The Boondocks

A show with some hardcore gangsta status is one thing. But when it's in a cartoon form, it makes the show extra bad-ass. This outrageous series on Adult Swim is awesome and crazy with the swaggin' dialogue and the dudes with haulin' style. Something about the animated format of swag makes the series a tad friendlier.

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8. American Dad

A potential version of "Family Guy," this show also has some odd humor. While there are dads with obscurely shaped chins, there are also talking "things." And when you see an animal possessing human qualities, it sounds like it would be creepy rather than humorous. But it turns out that a goldfish tossing keys creates a series that could easily pass for a hysterical cartoon.


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7. Robot Chicken

What makes this show so unique is how random everything is put together yet we can't stop watching. Not to mention, each episode is only 11 minutes long. For only so much time, there is quite a decent number of clips that are weird yet witty. Plus you got to hand it to Seth Green — he definitely knows how to embrace his hilariously creative side. We can't forget Indiana Jones' kidnapping while the ghosts tickle him.

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6. Bob's Burgers

It's funny because it's true. Nothing beats a series that explains logic to make it more charming. The relationship Bob has with his kids is priceless while they argue back and forth. It never hurts to add teenage angst in a cartoon especially when it's familiar.


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5. Futurama

In the 30th century, Matt Groening decided there would be a fantastic world of talking lobsters, robots, aliens, and Fry. Since we won't be alive for that one, it's great to see it in animated form. This show has a lot of Simpsons qualities, with superb writing and characters that you love and hate (Bender...). But it sounds like Groening beat himself at his own game by adding extra vulgarness with harsher statements and extra sarcasm. Kudos, Matt.


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4. King of the Hill

Hank Hill and the family make an interesting team with the small-town life in Texas. Hank's pals call for the typical guys you might've seen hanging out with your dad when you were a kid. That's what makes this show more realistic. These folks represent a perfect example of life in a small, suburban area where the dad kicks back and drinks beer with his buddies. But rather than making the realism brutal, this show is actually funny, and doesn't bring out any uncomfortable memories.


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3. Family Guy

Wit and nasty humor make this show extra awesome with comedy that makes us cringe and giggle at the same time. There are episodes with real plots, while others are there just for mindless entertainment. Talking dogs and swearing babies make the show awkward, but when it comes to watching the family puke for several minutes, the laughter just keeps spewing out.


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2. South Park

This ravishing comedy calls for some of the most suggestive humor on television. This cartoon has never been afraid to raise the inappropriateness to a new level with disgusting and political humor. The use of everything that would've been banned from televion fifty years ago makes this show earn the TV watching community extra freedom and ability to laugh at something that is deemed to be too much to handle. Who would've thought that one day, a cartoon would contain sex toys, nudity, swearing, drugs, violence, and hints of beastiality...all coming from children...


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1. The Simpsons

An adult themed animated cartoon list would be simply invalid without one of the biggest comedies ever been known to mankind. Going on its 24th year, this hilarious series involves some of the wittiest humor involving what is known to be the typical American family...although of course there is nothing typical about a father who constantly screws up while his eight-year-old daughter points everything out. Not to mention, a wife with blue hair, and every person in the town with yellow skin. We'll never forget some of the greatest moments, including tha land of chocolate, when Maggie shot Mr. Burns (not Smithers), every time Ned Flanders says something annoying, and the laughable way each member has their own tagline: "Excellent"..."Ha Ha"..."D'OH!"

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