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2013 Man of the Year Award Winners

Posted by Blaize Stewart on January 29, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Our motto at Man of the Hour is “Class-Culture-Style” and every year we take the time to honor those who have embraced these qualities and used them to excel in their respective field with The Man of the Year Awards. The twenty three categories below all showcase those who went above and beyond in the past year and earned the title of Man of the Hour. The list of award winners includes Oscar and Grammy Winners, visionary designers and titans of the entertainment world. All of the recipients below embody the qualities of a Man of the Hour and we congratulate them on all of their successes by honoring them through these awards.

Speical thanks to our guest judges Nate Golon (Actor/Co-Creator/Producer of WorkShop The Series), Jamal Jackson (Founder, Draper Scott Dress Code) and Jon Lester (Founder and curator of The Southernmost Gentleman). 


Athlete of the Year

Fan Vote Winner: LeBron James

2013 MYTA Winner: LeBron James

Seeing as he is considered to be the best player in the NBA today it should come as no surprise that LeBron James has snagged the title of Athlete of the Year. This award will go well with his multiple NBA MVP honors and NBA championship trophy. Outside the NBA he has been named the USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year and the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year. Clearly this guy is doing something right.

James is truly a star in basketball, a living legend. His command of the sport is truly a sight to see and he has taken basketball to a whole new level. He is an athlete that transcends their sport and becomes and icon for athleticism in general and we are happy to crown him the Athlete of the Year.


Femme of the Year

Fan Vote Winner: Rihanna

2013 MTYA Winner: Rihanna

Shine bright like a diamond indeed. This past year was the crowing jewel in what has so far been a stellar career for Rihanna. With the release of her album Unapologetic featuring the hit single “Diamonds” and her debut in the blockbuster Battleship Rihanna was everywhere in the entertainment world. She also added numerous Billboard achievements to her resume including becoming the youngest solo artist to have twelve number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and being named the Digital Songs Artist of the 2000s decade.

Forbes ranked her as the fourth most powerful celebrity and Time has named her as one of the most influential people in the world. Rihanna is an icon. Her attitude, style and sound have been cultivated into something unique that is loved by the world and therfore she is the perfect woman to receive the Femme of the Year Award.


Timeless Gentleman Award

Fan Vote Winner: Denzel Washington

2013 MTYA Winner: Denzel Washington

All I can say is when I am fifty-eight I hope I look half as good as Denzel Washington. This man is without a doubt timeless, not just in looks and style but also through his work as an actor. His list of accomplishments includes several critically-acclaimed movies and several Oscar nominations and wins.

And he is still going strong. Washington will once again grace the Oscars as a nominee for Best Actor for his work in Flight. When he arrives he will surely look as good as ever and win or lose he should feel good in knowing his work will stand the test of time. 

Rising Star Award

Fan Vote Winner: Andrew Garfield

2013 MTYA Winner: Andrew Garfield

Even though Spiderman missed out on the Avengers, Andrew Garfield burst into stardom with his role as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman. Not only did he star in what will turn into another successful superhero franchise, he also caught the attention of A-Lister Emma Stone and the pair is currently one of Hollywood’s “it” couples.

With another Spiderman movie in the works and his beautiful and talented girlfriend by his side, Garfield has officially arrived. He has the potential to capitalize on the attention he is getting and become a versatile leading man. We are sure to see him on this list again in years to come, most likely in the Best Actor category.


Best News Program

Fan Vote Winner: Meet the Press

2013 MTYA Winner: Meet the Press

“If it’s Sunday, it’s meet the Press.” This news program is an institution of American broadcast television after sixty years of success. Since 2005 Moderator David Gregory has interviewed world-leaders and brought them into the homes of Americans. It is the place to go for a chance to get to know the titans of our world a little bit better.

It is hard for news programs to capture the attention of an audience for such a long period of time which is what makes this show so impressive. For something to last sixty years in the media industry it has to be incredible. That is why Meet the Press is receiving the award for Best News Program.


Entrepreneurs of the Year

Fan Vote Winner: Saman Amel

2013 MTYA Winner: Ming Chang and Albert Shyy

If I were to tell you two men went into business together, one with a degree in Business and the other a degree in Computer Science, what would you first thought be for their company? I bet your first guess wouldn’t be fashion. But that is exactly what our Entrepreneurs of the Year are doing right now, and they are doing it well.

Ming Chang and Albert Shyy are the founders of AlbertMing which provides a “stylish business wardrobe for young professionals.” Though they had no previous fashion experience they are competing with the best of them by providing affordable and resilient suits. Breaking into a competitive industry where you have no previous experience takes guts but the risk has definitely paid off for these two which is why they are the Entrepreneurs of the Year.


Best Film Actor

Fan Vote Winner: Aaron Johnson

2013 MTYA Winner: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

For the second year in a row Joseph Gordon-Levitt has beat out the competition and won the Best Film Actor Award and it is a well-earned victory. Roles in Lincoln, Looper and The Dark Knight Rises proved the star’s versatility and brought him a ton of commercial and critical success. His future role as Don Jon in Don Jon’s Addiction alongside Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore is expected to be a rousing success.

There is a reason Gordon-Levitt has won this award twice. His ability to morph into a magnitude of characters makes him a highly sought-out actor in Hollywood and his leading man looks make him a favorite with the ladies. He is sure to be around Hollywood for years to come and will probably pop up on this list of award winners a few more times.


Best Film

Fan Vote Winner: Life of Pi

2013 MTYA Winner: Flight

This film features our Timeless Gentleman award winner, Denzel Washington, as an airline pilot who saves a plane from crashing. Washington’s character is hailed as a hero but upon further investigation they find that there was alcohol and drugs in his system during the flight. From there we face numerous ethical and personal dilemmas that are perfectly presented by the cast.

This is a movie that had both commercial and critical success and is nominated for two Oscars, one for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role and the other Best Writing. Regardless of whether it wins these awards it was still an excellent film and deserving of our Best Film Award.


Best Television Actor

Fan Vote Winner: Jason Segel

2013 MTYA Winners: Ryan Kwanten & Jason Segel

This year we honor two different actors from two very different shows. The first is Ryan Kwanten from the cult hit True Blood. This Australian native stars as the bad boy on the vampire show which has launched him to heartthrob status to audiences worldwide. With a number of projects lined up for the upcoming year we will surely be seeing a lot more of him in the months to come.

The other winner is Jason Segel who stars as Marshall Eriksen in the always entertaining How I met Your Mother. Since 2005 he has played the environmentally-conscious lawyer who is constantly trying to help his best friend find the “one” and in that time audiences have fallen in love with him and the rest of the cast. We are happy to award both these fine actors with the Best Television Actor this year.


Best Television Show

Fan Vote Winner: Mad Men

2013 MTYA Winner: Mad Men

Watching an episode of Mad Men is like taking a trip back in time. The ad agency Sterling Cooper is constantly filled with a haze of smoke, plenty of booze and countless secretaries serving the men who make the ad magic happen. One of those men is Don Draper whose mysterious life is the main focus of this series.

This show excellently depicts a time where beneath the glossy exterior a lot of shady business was going on. It is entertaining and you never really know what direction the show is going to go in which makes it infinitely more entertaining to watch. As the mystery surrounding Don Draper’s life begins to unwind you can see there is enough material to keep this show going for years and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mad Men as a contender for Best Television Show for years to come.


Best Musical Artist

Fan Vote Winner: Usher

2013 MTYA Winner: Usher

With the release of his seventh studio album Looking for Myself Usher proved himself once again as one of the top artists in the music industry. It became the stars fourth number one album and was praised by critics for it diversity. The hit singles “Climax”, “Scream” and “Numb” all helped the album’s success by appearing on the Billboard Hot 100 List.

Unlike many artists Usher has stood the test of time in the music industry. By constantly evolving and exploring new types of music he keeps himself fresh and relevant to new audiences. After almost twenty years in the industry he is still going strong which is one of the many reasons why we award him the Best Musical Artist of the Year Award.


Best Dramatic Web Series Actor

Fan Vote Winner: George Daburas

2013 MTYA Winner: Abe Mitchell

In the exciting world of SYD2030 Cameron Hunter is the person every guy wants to be and every girl wants to be with. He leads a privileged life and by all means it should be considered a perfect existence. Of course nothing in this world is perfect, but the way actor Abe Mitchell portrays Hunter in the show is pretty close to being so.

Mitchell leads an excellent cast who consistently deliver stellar performances. In our own Web Series Weekly Wrap Up the show consistently placed at the top of the group due to the interesting plot developments and outstanding acting of the cast, including Mitchell. As Cameron Hunter he leads the SYD crew and he does it astonishingly well which is why he has claimed the Best Dramatic Web Series Actor Award.


Best Dramatic Web Series

Fan Vote Winner: Mythos

2013 MTYA Winner: Misfits

It’s a show about a group of misunderstood teens who mysteriously get super powers. What’s not to love? This show was always a pleasure to watch because it was shot professionally, the acting was superb and you never knew what to expect. The fact that they have British accents is just icing on the cake.

This show put a new twist on the superhero idea because these are not the kind of people who would be considered hero-like. They are misfits; people who have messed up and don’t have their act together. Despite that stigma they typically do the right thing in an entertaining manner which makes it a joy to watch.


Best Comedy/Dramady Actor

Fan Vote Winner: Riccardo Sardone

2013 MTYA Winner: Eric Pumphrey

Well if there is one thing Aaron from the web series The Online Gamer is good at it is getting Eric Pumphrey a Best Web Series Actor Award. This is his second year as a winner in this category for his role in the hilarious gamer web series and I’m sure it will not be the last. His perfect portrayal as an angry, obnoxious game nut is not something that can be easily forgotten.

As part of the trio who started Reckless Tortuga he writes, acts and produces in numerous sketches outside The Online Gamer that are without a doubt on the same level of hilarity. Some people are just born with a gift and it is clear Pumphrey has a gift for comedy. We are happy to award him the award for Best Comedy/Dramady Actor and can’t wait to see what he will come up with in the year to come.


Best Comedy/Dramedy Web Series

Fan Vote Winner: 12-Steps to Recovery

2013 MTYA Winner: The Online Gamer

It’s a great day for Reckless Tortuga. The star of this web series won the award for best actor in a comedy/Dramady web series and now the show itself is claiming the top prize. The Online Gamer is by far one of the funniest shows we have featured on the site and is incredibly relatable for someone who is around college age. It follows the antics of Aaron, a game-a-holic who will pretty much take anyone down if they get in his gaming way.

Think about it: we all know at least one gaming obsessed person. This show takes the qualities of those gamers, multiplies them by like ten, and gives you Aaron. This foul-mouthed, self-centered young man is one of the most entertaining characters to watch. All thanks to some video game. Thank you to The Online Gamer for capitalizing on this gamer effect and congratulations of your award.


Best Short Film Actor

Fan Vote Winner: Raif Clarke

2013 MTYA Winner: T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller pulled out an incredible performance in the short film Successful Alcoholics as Drake. Starring alongside Lizzy Caplan, he is part of a couple who enjoys their booze a little too much. What starts out as a lighthearted short turns into a shockingly real commentary about alcoholism. Miller’s performance was spot-on and was a true pleasure to watch.

This past year was a busy one for Miller and the upcoming ones promise to be just a busy. There is little doubt we will be seeing (and hearing him through multiple voice-over gigs) a ton over the next year. Hopefully he will continue to bring performances like the one that secured him the award for Best Short Film Actor.


Best Short Film

Fan Vote Winner: The Truth About Stanley

2013 MTYA Winner: Successful Alcoholics

By all appearances Lindsay and Drake are a young, happy and fun couple. They are way cooler than their stuffy friends and coworkers and know how to have a good time. However their idea of a good time includes drinking, and a lot of it. This film starts off light but develops into something much deeper.

This couple has a serious problem and watching them slowly lose their grip on the problem is intense. T.J. Miller and Lizzy Caplan both delivered excellent performances that gave the story incredible depth and meaning. It is not what I expected when I first started watching it but Successful Alcoholics ended up being much better than I could have ever anticipated.


Best Short Animated Film

Fan Vote Winner: The Wonder Hospital

2013 MTYA Winner: The Wonder Hospital

This is without a doubt an unusual film. However in the uniqueness lies an important message about our society and self-image. It is easy to get carried away by the whimsical nature of this short and simply appreciate the visual aspects but underneath lies something more.

In our society physical beauty is prized above pretty much everything else and the young girl in this short journeys to the wonder hospital to change her appearance. As she travels through the crazy place bizarre things keep popping out. It is quite the experience to follow her through the place and the message beneath makes it so much more. That is why The Wonder Hospital claims the Best Short Animated Film award.


Men’s Magazine of the Year

Fan Vote Winner: GQ (America)

2013 MTYA Winner: GQ (America)

GQ is the quintessential men’s magazine. For the past 50 years it has been on the cutting edge of delivering men information on style and culture. With an impressive print audience of 6.4 million and an average monthly online audience of 3 million it is safe to say men like what they get when they pick up an edition of GQ.


Men’s Retailer of the Year

Fan Vote Winner: J. Crew

2013 MTYA Winner: J. Crew

J. Crew is renowned for its classic style and apparel for every event. Going to an important business meeting? J. Crew has the clothes for you. Spending the day lounging on the couch? J. Crew has the clothes that will make you look incredible while doing it. For any occasion J.Crew has the clothes for you.

This brand is one of the staples of men’s fashion and has been ever since it was introduced in the 80s. Since then it has consistently clothed classy gentlemen for both their special occasions and casual wear. The versatility this brand provides no doubt contributed to it being named Men’s Retailer of the Year.


Menswear Designer of the Year

Fan Vote Winner: Alexander McQueen

2013 MTYA Winner: Alexander McQueen

This label is known for their extravagant runway shows that echo the drama and artistry of the clothes. The men’s line is always cutting edge and full of bold patterns, colors and designs. It is the designer to go to for a one of a kind look that will have people stopping and saying, “Wow!”

Forget the stock suits, you won’t find them here. You are going to get something that makes a statement which is something every gentleman should do when he walks into a room. That makes it the perfect choice as Menswear Designer of the Year.


Male Model of the Year

Fan Vote Winner: Simon Nessman

2013 MTYA Winner: David Agbodji

Step aside Zoolander, there is a new top model in town. Frenchman David Agbodji is quickly becoming one of the most sought out male models in the fashion industry. After successful shoots with Express, Bottega Veneta, Banana Republic, D&G, Cole Haan and Calvin Kline it is no surprise why he landed in the top spot for the Man of the Year Awards.

Agbodji embraces the qualities that every gentleman should. He is classy, fashionable and always on the cutting edge. He has Man of the Year written all over him.


Dapper Gentleman of the Year

Fan Vote Winner: Andrew Garfield

2013 MTYA Winner: John Legend

This man can serenade you and look darn good doing it. The award winning singer/songwriter looks good whenever, wherever he goes which makes him legendary in name and style. With all the crazily clad musicians out there it is nice to see a dapper gentleman such as John Legend dressed so well.

If anyone embodies class, culture and style it is this man. His soulful songs, stylish suits and overall persona just scream sophistication. With all those traits it would be hard for him not to win the Dapper Gentleman of the Year Award.


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